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I provide stress and pain relief for busy people. It is my great joy to offer relaxing Reiki sessions designed to restore balance, melt tension, activate the relaxation response, and create a sense of overall well-being. Reiki floods the recipient with universal life-force energy, which helps to integrate body, mind, and spirit. In this space of relaxation and wholeness, deep healing and transformation are encouraged. Take charge of your well-being by scheduling a healing session today. You deserve to feel your best!

I also offer Reiki classes. I believe in the power of self-treatment and the freedom that comes from participating in self-care. My introductory level Reiki for Self-Care class empowers students in only five hours to strengthen and balance their own life-force energy for well-being, vitality, and inner peace. There are no pre-requisites or special skills required. Anyone who is willing to receive the initiation can easily learn to practice this healing art.

  Pamela Hipp

Reiki Master Teacher


Glenside, PA







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