Luminous Heart Reiki & Massage

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit

Benefits of Reiki

The benefits of Reiki are numerous and may include:

Stress relief is perhaps the most common request in my practice. This allows the psyche to heal and mental/emotional imbalances to resolve over time; including depression, anxiety, burn-out, lack of focus and motivation, and low self-esteem. Reiki provides the foundation to become centered, grounded, and confident and can be used to support a client in taking action toward goals.

Reiki can also help relieve physical conditions such as headaches and migraines, muscle tension, stiffness, back pain, insomnia, fatigue, and sciatic pain. It helps speed recovery from sprains, injuries, and surgery and boosts the immune system. It aids the deactivation of the fight, flight, or freeze mode making it a useful tool for releasing trauma of all kinds.

For those interested in personal growth, it nurtures the ability to discover one's authentic nature, the courage to stand in integrity, clarity to uncover and release unresolved issues, and supports clients in taking action while remaining grounded in one's own truth. It often offers the energy necessary to get unstuck. Reiki can be used to support achieving goals, and to break unhealthy habits such as sugar consumption.  

Spiritually, Reiki helps clear the veils that prevent us from remembering our connection with the divine. It creates a sense of belonging and of purpose, and the comfort of knowing what our essential nature is. It's possible to realign head, heart, and will to achieve the greatest outcome as well as to awaken one's intuition. Chakra balancing is a natural side-effect of Reiki treatments.