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Support for Your Health and Happiness

Relieving stress and pain is the foundation of my work. It is a great joy to offer Reiki sessions and intuitive massage designed to restore balance, promote productivity, melt tension, and create a sense of overall well-being. Gentle nurturing touch soothes the nerves and fosters a sense of connection, freedom, and security. I strive to create a space for each and every client to sink into serenity while tapping into their inner resources of wellness and peace. 

Reiki floods the recipient with universal life-force energy, which helps to integrate body, mind, and spirit. Intuitive massage stimulates the release of muscle tension. In this space of relaxation and wholeness, both modalities foster: 

  • enhanced immune system function 
  • productivity
  • clarity and focus
  • calmness
  • the reduction of stress
  • the reduction of pain
  • digestion
  • quality sleep
  • creativity
  • deep healing 
  • transformation

Offering Reiki classes is another passion of mine. My own health and life have been magnificently transformed through my daily Reiki self-treatments and I love sharing this power with others. My introductory Reiki for Self-Care class empowers students in only four hours to strengthen and balance their own life-force energy for well-being, vitality, and inner peace. There are no pre-requisites or special skills required. Anyone who is willing to receive the initiation can easily learn to practice this healing art. Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki 3/Master Teacher classes are also available. Please inquire about scheduling a class that fits your calendar!


  Pamela Hipp

Reiki Master Teacher

Licensed Massage Therapist


7047 Germantown Ave, #205

Mount Airy, Philadelphia, PA