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Intuitive bodywork is a transformative path to relaxation and wellness. This is not an ordinary massage which goes through the motions of a generalized routine! Pamela aims to integrate the whole being; including muscles, joints, fascia, meridians, chakras, the nervous and immune systems, as well as the energetic, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

Pamela's unique style is based in Swedish massage, using organic oil and long, flowing strokes, compressions, range of motion, and pressure point stimulation to melt tension, stress, and pain. She blends in a wide variety of techniques as guided by intuition and each client's individual needs. The overall result is a feeling of deep serenity and restoration.

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Here's what Pamela's clients have to report about her massage technique.

"I've known Pamela since 2002 when, as a massage student, she studied Reiki 1 and 2 from me in Santa Fe. In 2007 I found myself in the delightful position of once again living in the same town as Pamela--this time, in Monterey, CA. I quickly recognized the opportunity of having her so close by and received weekly massages from her for the 6 months I lived there. I still tell everyone that "the best massage therapist in the world" lives in Monterey, and it's Pamela. Since I left Monterey, she's also become certified to the Reiki Master Teacher level, which means her healing energy has exponentially grown! I highly recommend Pamela for relaxation, healing and therapeutic massage."

Laura Bruno (Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Soul Reader, author and artist)


"Pamela's got some fine energy flowing through her hands. Her full body massage is of course excellent, but what I love most about her work is that she can make a tired, worn-down soul feel better in an exchange as simple and as non-committal as a handshake."

Michelle, Certified Massage Therapist, Monterey


"I am a Certified Massage Therapist myself and hands down, Pamela is one of the best massage therapists I have had the pleasure of receiving bodywork from. Her intuitive and therapeutic work is outstanding and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking a profound healing experience.  I have come to her with a myriad of physical issues including severe lower back pain and stiff neck and she worked miracles for releasing tightness and relieving sore muscles. I always stand up from her table feeling transformed, Pamela is truly an exceptional therapist!"

Heather, formerly Monterey, CA


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